Topical Collections

Topical Collections (TCs) are a new concept in the publishing policy of Algebra Universalis, and it replaces the former format of a Special Issue. The reason for this change is the CAP (Continuous Article Publication) system that applies from January 1, 2018.

According to the standards of the CAP system, every publication that successfully goes through the refereeing process will be published online shortly after the author approves the PDF produced by the publisher. It will be immediately attached to a volume. This means that a volume is going to be defined as a set of papers collected in a given time and ordered by the corresponding timeline. In particular, this implies that papers, that were previously collected in a Special Issue, will be distributed over several volumes and mixed with other journal papers.

Each TC will have a tab on the Springer’s Algebra Universalis website making it possible to view just the papers in the TC.

The submission procedure for TCs is the standard one, via the Editorial Manager. When deciding on the article type, choose the TC to which you are submitting, and then the name of its Guest Editor. After that you proceed as usual.